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Low commodity prices pound a global mining giant

Dec 28, 2015
Diversification couldn't defend Freeport-McMoRan against the commodities bust.

Anglo American mining to cut 85,000 jobs

Dec 8, 2015
A complete company overhaul is calling for cutting two-thirds of its workforce.

New law updates guidelines for space industry

Nov 27, 2015
New law permits American companies to keep materials they mine in space.

Asteroid mining not so far in the future

Nov 19, 2015
Congress recently passed a bill setting out guidelines for mining in space.

Converting a phosphate mine to golf course resort

Sep 2, 2015
There was certainly once a hole in one golf course.

Drug cartels find new ways to make money

Dec 11, 2014
Mexican and Colombian drug cartels are diversifying their sources of income.

Frack that! Oil tries to own a word that rallies critics

Oct 8, 2014
An industry group wants to reclaim a term from opponents of oil drilling.

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Homeowners get rude awakening on ‘mineral rights’

Sep 19, 2014
If someone owns oil or gas beneath your home, they might displace you to get it.

South Africa hosts major mining conference amid labor strife

Feb 3, 2014
A mining conference kicks off in Cape Town as platinum workers go on strike.

Caterpillar's hole: What's it mean for the economy?

Jul 24, 2013
Profits at the big CAT are way down. Mining seems to have hit a wall.