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What's the economic cost of untreated mental illness? One state did the math.

Dec 19, 2023
Indiana lost over $4 billion in 2019 from the condition, research shows. Effects include a smaller workforce and premature deaths.
Willie Frazier, an Indiana resident who has no health insurance, is suffering from untreated mental illness. “Depression is real,” he says. “And it can hit you anywhere."
Elizabeth Gabriel/Side Effects Public Media

Career prospects suffer after bouts of mental illness, research shows

Apr 12, 2023
For younger workers, an episode of depression is linked to 24% lower earnings more than a decade later.
More companies are taking mental health seriously, and not just because it's the right thing to do. "There is always a business part of it, for attraction, retention, absenteeism, presenteeism," said Tina Thornton of Nationwide Insurance.
Nenad Cavoski/Getty Images