Why is GameStop stock surging again? 

May 14, 2024
Shortsellers have now lost more than $2.2 billion as the company’s shares have risen.
The GameStop saga isn't over yet.
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Trump's Truth Social debuts on the stock market. Here's what you need to know.

The people purchasing stock of the Trump Media and Technology Group are likely buying shares out of loyalty to the former president rather than faith in it as a good long-term investment, argues the University of Florida's Jay Ritter.
"This is a small company that is not growing and is losing money hand over fist," said Jay Ritter of the University of Florida.
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AMC appeals to meme stock investors for its financial future

Aug 26, 2022
AMC sells APEs to tap into retail investors’ enthusiasm. Can it evolve beyond the meme?
Traders on the floor of New York Stock Exchange stare up at a screen that shows APE preferred share stock price.
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Meme stocks are back. Are the companies they highlight actually benefitting?

Aug 18, 2022
Once-faltering firms like GameStop can leverage their sudden popularity to access more capital — if they can keep stock prices high for long enough.
Shares of GameStop, the original meme stock, have dropped again, though they’re still higher than they were in early 2021. 
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Robinhood’s IPO: The app that popularized meme stocks goes public

Jul 29, 2021
Why the trading app is courting everyday investors with its initial public offering.
The trading app is courting everyday investors with its initial public stock offering.
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