Kim Dotcom sticks it to the man, again, with Mega; The future of libraries

Jan 22, 2013
The eccentric Megaupload founder is back with a new service that's sure to be a stick in the craw of the U.S. federal prosecutors pursuing a copyright infringement case against him. Also, libraries may be moving to a bookless future, but not if patrons have anything to say about it.

Kim Dotcom goes 'Mega'

Jan 21, 2013
The controversial and colorful online troublemaker Kim Dotcom has a new business venture. His last one, the file-sharing site Megaupload, got him indicted by American authorities, who say he got rich pirating content. He's new venture is just called Mega.

Google steps into file sharing scrap

Mar 21, 2012
The search giant backs up Hotfile in action against the Motion Picture Association of America.

Megaupload case exposes cloud computing risks

Jan 30, 2012
Users of blocked file-sharing site Megaupload could have their photos and personal documents purged. How safe is it to store data in the cloud?

Megaupload users could have data deleted soon

Jan 30, 2012
U.S. prosecutors warn that they may soon delete their personal data they have stored on the file-sharing site Megaupload, citing illegal transfer of music and movies on the site.

For public good, not for profit.

Do musicians and content makers benefit from piracy?

Jan 20, 2012
Musician Jonathan Coulton joked about whether content makers were finally making money now that Megaupload was shut down, but it isn't all laughs. He talks about what the MPAA should learn from the Megaupload shutdown.

Megaupload's mega-takedown

Jan 20, 2012
The enormous file-sharing site gets shut down by the feds.