A new way to invest in medical research is moving through Congress

The LOANS bill would make BioBonds available to researchers ready to move their emerging therapies into clinical trials.
Venture capital is the traditional funding mechanism for medical research companies, says Jason Menzo, CEO of Foundation Fighting Blindness. BioBonds would provide another revenue stream with less risk for investors.
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Researchers work to diversify clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine

Nov 10, 2020
Researchers say they must overcome deep mistrust of medical research in the Black, Latinx and Native American communities in recruiting volunteers for vaccine testing.
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Medical research funding bill flying through Congress

Dec 6, 2016
But 21st Century Cures Act is not without its critics.
A view of the University of California, San Francisco's Comprehensive Cancer Center.
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Alphabet introduces Verily, a private medical research company

Dec 8, 2015
Why are some tech companies starting up in-house medical research companies?