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Median home prices are down across the U.S., but location still drives valuation

Feb 15, 2024
When Caitlin LaClair and her family moved to Texas and then Massachusetts, they were hit with sticker shock.
The prices you'll encounter depend on where you're looking.
David McNew/Getty Images

First-time homebuyers are older these days

Nov 21, 2023
The median age of first-time homebuyers is now 35 — up from 29 in 1981. And the median age of all homebuyers is now 49 — up from 31 in 1981.
The longer people have to wait to become homeowners, the more pressure there is on the rental market, says Daniel McCue with Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.
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Median home price reaches new high

Jul 23, 2019
The median price of a house nationwide rose to $285,700 in June.
A home for sale in Batavia, Illinois, a suburb outside of Chicago.
Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images