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The robot delivering your meal might have a human driver

Jun 27, 2023
Food delivery robots are popping up across America with varying levels of autonomy. A company called Coco employs remote pilots.
Chef Rita Huda looks out from her restaurant, Rita’s Gate of India, in Santa Monica, California. Remotely piloted robots deliver some of its orders.
Maria Hollenhorst/Marketplace

France cracks down on "dark store" meal delivery services

Dec 27, 2022
In some of Paris' neighborhoods, residents have had enough of so-called "dark stores" that offer home grocery and meal deliveries.
Scooters that make deliveries for a “dark store” in Paris are parked in a residential neighborhood. Some residents say these delivery services are noisy and have had a negative impact on their quality of life in the city.
John Laurenson

For seniors on Medicare, there are new offerings that may be appealing during COVID-19

Oct 15, 2020
Some supplemental plans offer benefits that are related to health care, like access to meal delivery services or transportation to medical appointments.
EMS medics treat a senior with COVID-19 symptoms in Houston, Texas.
John Moore/Getty Images