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The cost of living...on Mars

Aug 6, 2012
The Curiosity Rover's successful landing got us wondering: Just how much would it cost to live on the Red Planet?

Will the investment in the Curiosity rover pay off?

Aug 6, 2012
You can't get more international than Mars -- where the Curiosity rover has landed. Scientists say they're primarily searching for signs of life, but companies are springing up with the goal of extracting non-Earthly resources.

The costs of the Curiosity rover to Mars

Aug 6, 2012
The NASA rover Curiosity landed on the surface of the red planet late last night. And it was all hugs at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in California. That's because it took a lot of work -- and money -- to make this moment possible.

The latest Times Square attraction: Mars

Aug 3, 2012
If you want to be surrounded by other earthlings as you watch NASA's Mars rovers land on the red planet, head for Times Square. The rovers, the space agency's biggest hits, will be live on the big screen.

Enormous robot to land on Mars, take pictures with a laser

Aug 3, 2012
Curiosity Rover will drop to Mars from ropes on Sunday night.

Apollo U.S. flags still standing on the moon

Jul 30, 2012
A new series of pictures of the moon show five of the six American flags put up by the Apollo crews 40 years ago are still standing.

Missions to Mars may be out of reach as funds fade

May 22, 2012
Funding to study our solar system will be cut by 20 percent. That's leaving some space programs in limbo.

For public good, not for profit.

Trying to save missions to Mars

Feb 27, 2012
Mars researchers are meeting with NASA today to figure out if there's a way to pay for future trips to the red planet.

Important space alien update: SETI, space junk, Mars,

Aug 11, 2011
Let's hope no aliens tried to contact us in the last four months. If they did they might have heard a busy signal, because the SETI (Search for...