Many lack a financial backstop amid pandemic

May 5, 2020
In the Marketplace-Edison Research poll released today, 41% of respondents could not pay an unexpected $250 expense.
People pass by the stock exchange in New York. Marketplace-Edison poll data shows that many Americans can't handle an unexpected $250 expense.
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How debt may take a toll on mental health

Jun 5, 2019
Whether student loans or credit-card debt, indebtedness is likely to bring you down.
Debt collectors could be texting you soon.
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A four-day workweek, good benefits, and a sense of pride: what American workers want from employers

Jun 3, 2019
Our latest Marketplace-Edison Research Poll surveyed American workers to find out what they value in the workplace and some of the challenges that they’re facing.
A group of business people having a meeting in an office
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How much economic influence do you think tech companies have?

Oct 19, 2018
78 percent of Americans think it's a great deal. But what exactly does that mean?
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We asked what was stressing you out about the economy. You had a lot to say.

Apr 28, 2017
A mother and son sit down to discuss their financial anxieties.
While most Americans aren't as anxious about the economy as they used to be, 18- to 24-year-olds are still feeling the stress.
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This is what economic anxiety looks like

Jun 30, 2016
Coffee shop Wi-Fi and selling family heirlooms
Susan Perkins stands in her antiques booth in Prescott, Arizona. It's one of several jobs the 72 year-old has to supplement her income.
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Survey says: Americans feel the economy is rigged

Jun 29, 2016
Across the board, people who took our latest poll say the economy is "rigged" to favor certain groups.
 An Occupy Wall Street protestor holds up a mock debt note during a demonstration in San Francisco, California. 
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For public good, not for profit.

Why Americans feel the economy is rigged

Jun 29, 2016
A majority of respondents to our recent poll said the economy was rigged.
A majority of Americans think the economy is rigged, according to our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll.

Even in tough times, Americans remain optimistic

Oct 30, 2015
Most people feel they have a fair opportunity to achieve the life they hope for.