BBC to play anti-Thatcher 'Ding Dong' song in countdown

Apr 12, 2013
The "Wizard of Oz" song "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead" has been adopted by anti-Margaret Thatcherites, who urged people in the U.K. to buy the song this week after Thatcher died.

Margaret Thatcher's foes turned anger into big business, and a soundtrack for the '80s

Apr 8, 2013
From punk rock to TV satires such as Spitting Image, many of those who set out to pillory Margaret Thatcher for her policies made a nice living doing so. Listen to the soundtrack that hate created.
Mugs bearing the image of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Rosie Hallam/Getty Images

Margaret Thatcher's legacy: Three things that changed for the U.K.

Apr 8, 2013
There’s no question Margaret Thatcher wanted to remake the U.K. economy during her tenure, but did she succeed?

Margaret Thatcher's economic legacy

Apr 8, 2013
Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female Prime Minister, died Monday from a stroke at age 87.

Thatcher's legacy disputed, even in her hometown

Dec 30, 2011
The movie about Margaret Thatcher has mixed reviews. Opinions on the former British prime minister are also divided.