Not everyone who lives in a "news desert" would describe it that way

And those attitudes about local information ecosystems may provide insight into solutions for news deserts.
Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that people living in news deserts often turn to social media for information.
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Solutions for local news deserts

Legacy news outlets are changing revenue models, for-profit outfits are switching to nonprofit and startups are finding opportunities.
"More than a dozen states have either passed legislation or are considering legislation to help local news," said Tim Franklin, who leads the Medill Local News Initiative at Northwestern University.
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The life and death of one local newspaper in Virginia

Keith Stickley had to pull the plug on the local newspaper he founded when he just couldn't make the economics work any longer.
"I had to create this printing company," said Keith Stickley, owner of Shenandoah Publications. "So we created the printing company to subsidize the newspaper. And so, we used printing margins to support a bad habit."
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Small-town New Mexico newspaper rewrites its obituary

Dec 12, 2023
The Deming Headlight was a "ghost paper" under its corporate owner. Now independent, the paper has rebounded with community support.
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There's a new website publishing news stories in Texas. It's run by Chevron.

Aug 22, 2022
Chevron has been upfront about producing the site, but there are concerns it may be the only source of news for some in the area.

What does hedge fund ownership mean for local news outlets?

Dec 2, 2021
As local newsrooms struggle, hedge funds can become the investors of last resort.
Many at newspapers have concerns that hedge fund ownership could compromise their work.
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Where have all of Shanghai's newsstands gone?

Jul 21, 2021
The kiosks have dwindled in Shanghai, and since the U.S.-China trade war began, it's hard to get people to answer even simple questions.
Gao Dongde, left, has been buying newspapers from Qu Yali's family for decades. He no longer lives in the neighborhood, but he still comes to pick up his newspapers from Qu because there are no newsstands near his current home.
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For public good, not for profit.

Hedge funds set their sights on local newspapers

Jan 15, 2019
A fund has offered $1.3 billion for Gannett, publisher of USA Today. Critics say beware.