The economy and ethics of AI training data

Jan 31, 2024
Many artificial intelligence tools were trained on freely-available digital content. That might be legal, but is it ethical?
By publishing something on the internet without explicitly telling other computers to avoid it, you're consenting to its use by AI, says Common Crawl's Rich Skrenta.
Outflow Designs/Getty Images

Investors finance lawsuits for potentially big returns

Nov 22, 2018
The practice of advancing portions of expected personal injury settlements to plaintiffs draws scrutiny from states.

Wells Fargo to pay $1 billion for mortgage, auto lending abuses

Apr 20, 2018
The settlement also contains other requirements that would restrict Wells Fargo’s business.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Why St. Louis was named a 'judicial hellhole'

Mar 6, 2017
Big jury verdicts have made Missouri a target for tort reform.
The American Tort Reform Association says Missouri courts make it too easy for people to sue corporations. Above, the Civil Courts building in St. Louis.
Maria Altman, St. Louis Public Radio

Tech firms' challenge to Trump's travel ban is more than symbolic

Feb 6, 2017
Silicon Valley can use the amicus brief to tell the White House exactly how the policy hurts.
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Jan. 27 stopping refugees from entering the U.S. and temporarily halting travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.
Aude Guerrucci - Pool/Getty Images