Why the FCC halted LightSquared's wireless network plan

Feb 15, 2012
Federal officials have nixed a plan by broadband company LightSquared to build a national wireless network. Politico's Eliza Krigman explains why and discusses what happens next.

Lightsquared announcing new test results showing it doesn't interfere

Dec 7, 2011
Lightsquared, the company whose PR department spends all day sending me emails, is set to announce the results of some new and favorable research today. The company has been trying for quite a while to build out a new wireless network that would rely on a hybrid of terrestrial towers and satellite technology but there […]

For public good, not for profit.

GPS industry and LightSquared still squabbling

Aug 18, 2011
LightSquared is trying to get off the ground as a viable wireless carrier. It's struggling because it uses both ground towers and satellites. But,...

Lightsquared gets huge pile of money

Jul 5, 2011
$265 million to be exact from new and current investors. Lightsquared, of course, is the company trying to build a new wireless service based on a...

Lightsquared: "We can change! Just give us a chance!"

Jul 1, 2011
Lightsquared is the heavily backed company that's planning/hoping to build a new 4G network using both ground towers and satellite capability. It...