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Recreational pot is legal in 11 states, but laws protecting job seekers are still rare

Jan 2, 2020
Things are changing in Nevada, where a new law restricts employer drug tests.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The pot lobby hits Capitol Hill

May 24, 2018
A couple hundred business owners push for the federal legalization of marijuana so their companies can grow.
Cannabis business owners went to Washington, D.C., to lobby this week for legalizing marijuana and easing banking and tax laws.
Nancy Marshall-Genzer/Marketplace

Legal marijuana creates an industry for new breathalyzers

Oct 24, 2017
A number of companies are trying to develop tests that can be used by law enforcement to determine if drivers are impaired.
David McNew / Getty Images

Can medical marijuana become the economic engine of a city?

Sep 15, 2017
Leaders in McKeesport, Pennsylvania are hoping the medical marijuana industry can revitalize the city.
Chayne Rouse and his sister Kayla Wilkes wait in line to apply for jobs at Pure Penn. 
Erika Beras/ Marketplace

Mexico is writing rules for medical marijuana

Aug 7, 2017
Regulators have until the end of the year figure out a definition of medical marijuana, who can produce it and who can buy it.
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California desert town Adelanto plans its future around pot

May 25, 2017
City officials see weed as the answer to the community's financial woes.
In the area now dubbed The Green Zone, land is being cleared for massive marijuana grow warehouses.
David Weinberg

Real estate investors help grow the medical-marijuana business

Feb 28, 2017
And, land a cannabis-related stock on the New York Stock Exchange.
Inside a growhouse at PharmaCann in Hamptonburgh, New York
Justin Ho/Marketplace

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