As Latinos age, the need for Spanish-speaking caretakers grows

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 11, 2015
Latinos are the fastest growing group of people 65 and older in the U.S. today.

Burwell's highest priority: get more Latinos insured

by David Weinberg Jun 5, 2014
A look at the importance of the Affordable Care Act's outreach to Latinos.

How are businesses cashing in on the Latino market?

by Stan Alcorn Aug 14, 2013
What are some of the strategies businesses are using to respond to the fast-growing Latino market? And what are the challenges?

Quinceaneras: A cherished, but costly, tradition

by Marketplace Contributor Jan 18, 2013
Many Latino families spend thousands of dollars to celebrate their daughters' "coming of age" on their 15th birthday.

Polling Latinos for business opportunities

by Jeff Tyler Nov 13, 2012
In the wake of their crucial role in President Obama's re-election, Latinos are receiving more attention than ever from U.S. businesses.

MundoFox takes on Univision and Telemundo

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 13, 2012
News Corp. launches Spanish-language network in the U.S.

Free pizza -- if you order en español

by Marketplace Contributor Jun 4, 2012
Beyond Pizza Patron’s marketing gimmicks, a plan to reach Hispanic customers.

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The Real Economy

The Latino vote surging in Texas

by David Gura May 28, 2012
There's no suspense about the outcome of the Texas Republican primary, but the future of elections there might change with its population.

'Minorities' now more than 50% of U.S. births

by Mitchell Hartman May 17, 2012
Latinos represent a large and growing consumer market. But reaching them poses big challenges.

ABC, Univision team up for English-language channel

by Mitchell Hartman May 8, 2012
The new 24-hour English-language cable channel will target Latinos. But it's an unproven market.

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