The UK's private schools may be getting even more expensive

Oct 19, 2023
Labour, the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, wants to undo a tax exemption private schools have enjoyed for decades.
Eton College, an elite private school west of London for the wealthy and famous, pictured in 2015.
Jack Taylor/AFP via Getty Images

Should the U.K. government nationalize the wind?

Oct 18, 2022
The opposition Labour Party recently proposed a publicly owned company to invest in renewable energy.
Offshore wind power supplies roughly 14% of the U.K.'s electricity needs yet the British government owns little of its generating output.
Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images

UK's Johnson claims Brexit mandate as Tories secure majority

Dec 13, 2019
With the stunning victory of Boris Johnson's Conservative Party, will they finally be able to "get Brexit done"?
An arrangement of UK daily newspapers photographed as an illustration in London on December 13, 2019 shows front page headlines reporting on the projected election result based on exit polls in the UK general election.

Will re-election help British PM Theresa May with tricky EU negotiations?

May 4, 2017
Victory would help her dampen domestic criticism. But the 27 EU countries look set for a showdown.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking re-election ahead of talks about the terms of Brexit.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images