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Risk takers still see golden opportunities in California

Mar 30, 2018
California’s early history redefined how Americans saw failure and success. Today, the state’s economy continues to benefit from entrepreneurs eager to take big chances.
Gold miners pose near their camp on a hillside in El Dorado, California circa 1848 to 1853. 
Library of Congress

Los Angeles looks into what it would take to create a municipal bank

Nov 24, 2017
The LA City Council president thinks a city-run bank would be run differently than a commercial one.
LA City Council President Herb Wesson says he would like the city to create a municipal bank, with a mission to make Los Angeles a better place by providing loans for local businesses and for affordable housing.
Photo courtesy of the City of Los Angeles

Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to bring more tech jobs to Los Angeles

Jan 26, 2017
HE believes L.A. is a prime location for tech companies to grow.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti speaks during the 5th Annual LA84 Foundation Summit on Oct. 27, 2016, in Los Angeles.
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for LA84 Foundation