Kodak on the brink of bankruptcy?

Jan 5, 2012
Kodak has fallen from a one-time business giant to stocks worth less than $1 per share. What went wrong?

Kodak teeters toward bankruptcy

Jan 5, 2012
David Brancaccio discusses the impact bankruptcy could have on the 38,000 Kodak retirees and how the city of Rochester, home to the film company, can survive.

Kodak could be in danger of bankruptcy

Jan 5, 2012
Kodak could soon be delisted from the NYSE and perhaps even file for bankruptcy. But does that really mean the end of the company?

PODCAST: A not-so-Kodak moment

Jan 5, 2012
Boeing will close a military aircraft factory in Wichita, Kansas, laying off 2,000 workers over two years. The European Union could soon begin cracking down on how online companies use personal data. Shares of Netflix soared yesterday after data showed that users watched over 2 billion hours of TV and movies last quarter. And in this week's Attitude Check with Gallup, we look at the extent to which the 2012 election will focus on economic issues.
Netflix is about to venture into original content.
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Inside Kodak, U.S.A.

Dec 20, 2011
As Kodak struggles to avoid bankruptcy, Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio visits Rochester, N.Y., to remember the middle class communities the company helped create.

Decline of Kodak offers lessons for U.S. business

Dec 20, 2011
The once-mighty camera film company suffered when cameras became digital and its home base lacked the skills to reconquer the market. American businesses need to preserve and foster relevant skills.

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