Kindergarten is more than snacks and blocks these days. Some states think kids shouldn't have to go.

Sep 26, 2022
California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoes a proposal that would have required children to attend kindergarten.
Kindergartners run outside for a break. School enrollment for 5-year-olds dropped by 6% in 2020 and hasn’t fully recovered.
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Public schools see fewer enrolled kindergartners. Where'd they go?

Sep 23, 2021
Kindergarten enrollment declined by 10% in Michigan public schools last year, according to a new study. It's not only happening there.
There's been an uptick in kindergarteners taken out of public schools over the past year.
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Study says support for school principals leads to better test scores

Apr 8, 2019
The report is based on a program of investment in 1,100 principals.
The report is based on a program of investment in more than 1,100 principals.
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With low pay, finding qualified early childhood teachers remains a challenge in some areas

Nov 30, 2017
If the early childhood education system is a food chain, district-run preschool programs in California are the new big fish, gobbling up a lot of the resources – including qualified teachers.
Selma Sanchez, program director of the Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles, oversees ten child care centers. When the majority of staff at this Canoga Park center left for other jobs, she stepped in to pick up the slack.
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A D+ for early education

Jan 9, 2015
Less than half of preschool-age kids attend, says Education Week's annual report on education

It's never too early for a good start in education

May 9, 2012
Kids who are well-prepared for kindergarten have a better shot at making it all the way through high school. But in poor neighborhoods, there are lots of obstacles. One Cincinnati program is fighting to remove them.