The high cost of the other American Dream, education

by Leah Ingram Apr 13, 2012
Commentator Leah Ingram is facing six years of paying college tuition for her two daughters. She has a suggestion to the government to help middle-class parents like herself.
Piggy Bank Award

For saving more and spending less

by Tess Vigeland Jan 27, 2012
This week's young winners are making sound money decisions with their New Year's lai see.
Dragon and lion dance performers look on during a street parade in Hong Kong.
DALE de la REY/AFP/Getty Images

Saving the lion's share

by Paddy Hirsch Jan 27, 2012
Lion dancers from the East Wind martial arts school say they plan to sock their New Year money away, rather than spend it.
Lion dancers from the East Wind martial arts school
Paddy Hirsch/Marketplace

'Education is the most important thing'

by Tess Vigeland Jan 27, 2012
Credit union officer Niki Wong discusses how many Asian American households handle their personal finances.
According to loan officer Niki Wong, Asian-American families view education as a key investment.
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Building a digital legacy for your children

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
One father discusses why he bought a digital trust fund for his newborn daughter.
Creating a "digital trust fund" may help junior in an increasingly wired world.
Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

How to explain Santa's budget to your kids

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
Learn tips on how to explain to children why they didn't get everything on their wish lists.
Money Producer Stephen Hoffman and Baby Miles
Courtesy of Stephen Hoffman

Kids don't realize ads are ads

by John Moe Apr 22, 2011
The Journal of Advertising has published a study about how kids perceive online advertising. Short answer: they don't. Kids were found not to make...

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The NFL is trying to get 'em while they're young

by Daryl Paranada Sep 23, 2010
Between the chips and beer, you might want to stick some juice boxes and Cheerios before settling in to watch the game....

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