Senate Banking Committee's involvement in JPMorgan

Jun 13, 2012
Sixteen senators from the Senate Banking Committee have taken campaign contributions from JPMorgan's political action committee. We called them for comment.

How a CEO prepares for Senate testimony

Jun 13, 2012
The CEO of JPMorgan has been summoned to Capitol Hill today. According to his prepared remarks, Dimon will apologize, saying he feels "terrible" about the $2 billion blunder.

Jamie Dimon's testimony was a wake for Dodd-Frank

Jun 13, 2012
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon spoke before the Senate Banking Committee today, trying to explain the $2 billion loss his company made in trading. The committee went fairly easy on the banker.

Jamie Dimon has an uphill battle in the Senate

Jun 13, 2012
The JPMorgan Chase CEO testifies before the Senate Banking Committee today, trying to convince Congress that more bank regulation isn't needed, even after his company's $2 billion trading loss.

JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon to testify before Senate

Jun 12, 2012
The CEO of JPMorgan Chase will have to explain the $2 billion loss from a few weeks ago.

Why disclosure wasn't enough to stop JPMorgan losses

May 22, 2012
After the financial crisis of 2008, regulators focused on the idea of disclosure to prevent further problems in the financial industry. But what happens when the bank itself doesn't know how bad things are?

If JPMorgan lost on trades, who won?

May 21, 2012
JPMorgan Chase has gotten a lot of attention for its estimated $3 billion trading loss. But who were the winners in those bets?

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JPMorgan losses now estimated at $3 billion

May 17, 2012
Problems continue to swell for the banking giant, whose reported $2 billion loss could actually now be something more like $3 billion.

JPMorgan trading loss grows by $1 billion

May 17, 2012
A week after JPMorgan said it lost $2 billion on complex trades gone bad, the bank reported is another $1 billion deeper in the hole. How's that?
The JPMorgan Chase headquarters on May 14, 2012 in New York City.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

FBI investigating JPMorgan for criminal behavior

May 16, 2012
The FBI is investigating possible criminal behavior at JPMorgan Chase after that $2 billion trading loss disclosed by the bank the other day.