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'It brought us together' -- Life in Joplin two years after tornado

May 23, 2013
Two years after a tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., the town is rebuilding its infrastructure and community.

Joplin residents carry on after tornado

Nov 13, 2012
In May 2011, a tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., killing 161 people. As Joplin's residents make their way through the stages of grief, three families discuss how they survived and how they're preparing for the next one.
Stairs lead to an empty lot where a home once stood on South Joplin Avenue before the Joplin tornado in 2011.  Newly constructed homes can be seen in the background.
Steve Hebert for The New York Times

Remembering the tornado in Joplin, Mo. one year later

May 22, 2012
Today is a day of remembrance in Joplin, Missouri. It's been exactly one year since the nation's deadliest tornado in 60 years killed 161 people there.