What job trends will the new year bring?

Dec 30, 2021
The economy is growing and employers are still looking for workers, and that trend will probably continue for awhile.
With strong job growth in recent months, job hunters may have their pick of jobs heading in to the new year.
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Holiday cheer: Jobless claims hit Beatles-era low

Dec 16, 2021
The hot jobs market is giving employees leverage over employers.
The current labor crunch means fewer layoffs and rising wages.
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Without teen workers, "we'd have to close our doors"

Nov 9, 2021
A hot job market continues to seek out teenagers. But will that hurt their academics and long-term job prospects?
Amid a labor shortage, the teenage employment rates remain high.
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Our feelings about jobs and the economy have parted ways

Nov 1, 2021
Many people are happy with the job market — higher wages and more openings. Fewer people like where the overall economy is headed.
Though consumers' views of the job market and the economy are diverging, it's unlikely 
 to stick, experts say. Above, traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
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In labor crunch, businesses back efforts to clear workers' criminal records

Oct 22, 2021
“Clean slate” laws call for updating court databases and creating algorithms to automatically clear records for minor offenses.
Many officials and activists are trying to modernize the record-clearing process for people with criminal records and ease their path to employment.
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Jobless claims are upbeat, but consumer confidence is still a wild card

Sep 2, 2021
The delta variant is causing some consumer pullback, and the expiration of pandemic unemployment benefits on Sept. 5 could play a role in spending.
Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the economy.
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Fewer people are on unemployment, but there's a nasty shock coming for many of them

Aug 19, 2021
Their federal benefits — which add up to more than $6 billion a week — are about to run out.
Emergency federal unemployment benefits — equivalent to roughly $6 billion per week — are set to expire in two and a half weeks.
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Uneven state unemployment rates show different recovery arcs

Jul 8, 2021
Many of the states with the lowest unemployment rates have young workforces and multifaceted economies.
Idle Union Pacific engines sit in rows at a train yard in Salt Lake City in June 2020. Utah was one of the few states that didn't have to lock down as much as other states during the pandemic.
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What's keeping labor force participation down?

Jun 4, 2021
It's not just child care and health issues. Many people are looking at their old jobs and saying no thanks.
The job market has changed, as well as workers' situations. For people who used to be bus drivers, for instance, there may not be jobs to go back to.
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Nearly half of states will cut short federal jobless benefits

May 27, 2021
The economy is steadily improving, but we're not back to "normal."
Conservatives have argued that enhanced unemployment benefits were meant to buffer workers from the worst of the pandemic, which has now passed.
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