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As Jetsons turn 50, have their predictions held up?

Sep 21, 2012
It's been 50 years since the Jetsons debuted on television, meaning we're halfway to the futuristic 2060 society the show envisioned. So, are we on the right track for jetpacks and hover-cars? ...Maybe not.

When will all the really, really cool technology actually get here?

Aug 20, 2012
And, a tech reporter gets off the Internet. And becomes way happier.

Android@Home because nothing could go wrong with an android in your house

Jun 14, 2011
I've been hearing about the smart house for as long as I've been alive. How one day everything in the house will run on the same computer system...

Windows 8: goodbye toolbars, hello ribbons

Apr 4, 2011
Leaked screen shots of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, are beginning to circulate online. The most significant part of the new system...