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No flying cars yet, but the jetpack is almost here

Dec 10, 2013
A New Zealand company is building jetpacks. Yes, jetpacks.

When will all the really, really cool technology actually get here?

Aug 20, 2012
And, a tech reporter gets off the Internet. And becomes way happier.

'We need to pretend we're not interested in gas'

Apr 27, 2012
Commentator Rex Huppke says if we all act like gas is passé, we can concentrate on more important things -- like jet packs.

You guys you guys you guys: Jetpack news!

May 31, 2011
So a new jetpack designed by New Zealanders has started doing some test runs. It tackles a central problem that every jetpack builder has faced:...

Crazy Swiss jetpack man takes on Grand Canyon, and wins

May 13, 2011
Oh, Jetman (or "Fusionman," which you prefer to be called, but which just seems like a bit much and a kind of off-the-point): We're so glad the FAA...