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California law says corporate boards must include women

Oct 1, 2018
Why Gov. Jerry Brown signed the first-of-its-kind legislation into law.
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California needs electric cars and it wants China's help to get them

Jun 6, 2017
As President Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement, California Gov. Jerry Brown headed to China. Among his goals? To encourage China’s progress on electric vehicles, because California will need a lot more of those to meet its climate change goals. Click the audio player above to hear the […]

California's resistance to Trump could cost it

Mar 2, 2017
The blue state is at odds with the president and could have federal funds cut.
Thousands of people gather at San Fransisco's City Hall to protest President Donald Trump on January 21, 2017. Thousands protested across the state of California the day after Trump was inaugurated.

LA County wants homelessness emergency declared

Jun 16, 2016
County supervisors call on the state to provide more funds to tackle the problem.
 A homeless man in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles. 
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Water you doing, Jerry Brown?

Apr 1, 2015
On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown ordered a mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use statewide. He made the announcement standing at a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains where there was nary a flake of snow to be seen, a spot at which he said there should be five feet of snow this time of […]

New law cracks down on businesses that ban bad reviews

Sep 17, 2014
A new law stops businesses from banning customers from posting bad reviews online.

For public good, not for profit.

California's governor can't make it rain. Which is why the price of your salad is likely to go up.

Jan 17, 2014
California's rainfall last year was the lowest since 1877, it hasn’t rained yet this "rainy season," fire watch started in January, and there's almost no Sierra snowpack to melt. There's a drought emergency in this giant agricultural state.

California's budget issue: What to do with all this money?

Jan 10, 2014
Gov. Jerry Brown wants the state to pay down some of the debts it piled up during the bad years.

States push to tie university funding to better performance

Apr 24, 2013
California Governor Jerry Brown is looking to join other states in basing funding increases at public universities on measures like higher graduation rates.

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