How countries have tried to retaliate against North Korea

Aug 7, 2017
Over the weekend, the U.N. decided to sanction North Korea in a move backed by China.
U.N. Security Council members vote on a U.S.-drafted resolution toughening sanctions on North Korea. 

Japan and the EU head for a massive trade deal

Jun 23, 2017
Japan and the European Union say they’re close to agreement on a broad free-trade deal. It would be the largest such pact for the EU. The two trading partners have been hammering out this deal since 2013, but negotiations have taken on new urgency recently.  Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

What's next for Japanese giant Toshiba?

Apr 11, 2017
Another day, another major Japanese conglomerate in financial trouble. This time, Toshiba. The company has announced it’s lost so much money, there’s “substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.” What’s next for the company and for Japanese mega corporations like it? Click the audio player above to hear the full […]

Japan tackles skilled labor shortage with free education

Mar 15, 2017
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson begins a swing through Asia today. He’ll talk with leaders about the North Korean nuclear threat and bilateral trade deals. Tillerson’s first stop is Japan, where Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is preparing to combat the country’s shortage of skilled labor with a new proposal — free education for some students. […]

Toshiba is in survival mode after failed bet on nuclear energy

Feb 14, 2017
Toshiba, a fixture of Japan Inc. for more than a century, is in big trouble — to the tune of $6.3 billion. The company announced that whopping loss after the market closed in Tokyo today, and that may not be the worst yet. Some news reports say Toshiba might not survive in its current form. […]

TPP is dead, but US-Japan trade lives on

Feb 9, 2017
Prime Minister Abe will meet with President Trump tomorrow.

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Japan standardizes toilet buttons to accommodate foreign tourists

Jan 18, 2017
High-tech toilets, while impressive, are often difficult to understand.
The Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association has created a set of universal, standardized graphics for Toto's buttons.
Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association

Japan's Shinzo Abe looks to strengthen ties with U.S. through Pearl Harbor visit

Dec 26, 2016
The prime minister will become the first Japanese leader to formally visit the site.

Japanese tourists seek information about their history at Pearl Harbor

Dec 7, 2016
The National Park Service doesn't keep records on how many Japanese tourists come to Pearl Harbor, but visitors can take guided tours, and find Japanese-language headsets and brochures.
Musashi Shiota is the owner and president of Island Makana Tours. He has been operating his Pearl Harbor tours for Japanese tourists for the past 15 years.
Molly Solomon