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How "medical bond" can have fatal consequences for someone in jail

Oct 7, 2019
An investigative report shows how jail officials are finding ways to avoid paying for the medical care of inmates.

New York Judge shakes up the bail system

Oct 16, 2015
Thousands of people are kept in jail pre-trial because they can't make bail.

Officer training for mental health in short supply

Jun 30, 2015
A large number of inmates have a serious mental illnesses.

Prisoners could be an untapped resource for startups

Jun 25, 2015
One former inmate uses coding to help those still in prison.

Video visitations gain popularity in prison system

Jun 23, 2015
But is it a suitable replacement for in-person visits?

In prison, a cellphone is a dangerous weapon

Feb 4, 2015
For prison officials, blocking inmates' cellphone use is a top priority.

The economics behind a drug sentencing overhaul

Aug 12, 2013
Attorney General Eric Holder seeks to scale back the use of mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain drug-related crimes.

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