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Social media bosses in the hot seat again

Sep 3, 2018
On Wednesday, top social media executives will testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on what social media platforms are doing to prevent meddling in US elections. But what have they done already? And how is the search for online security affecting their bottom lines?

Twitter is struggling to turn relevance into revenue

Jan 9, 2017
Despite it being the President-elect's main form of communication
A selection of recent Trump tweets. 

Square IPO: Is now the right time?

Oct 15, 2015
Jack Dorsey's payment company may be facing an uphill battle in the market.

Jack Dorsey and Dov Charney: A tale of two founders

Oct 5, 2015
Both young and charismatic CEOs were ousted from their own companies. One came back.

Jack Dorsey named permanent Twitter CEO

Now he has to figure out how to keep it interesting and bring people back.

What's going on with Twitter?

The hard-to-define company still hasn't picked a permanent CEO.

Jack Dorsey: Twitter co-founder, Square CEO, punk

Dorsey founded two multi-billion dollar businesses ... and he isn't 40 yet.

For public good, not for profit.

The most important person in Twitter's IPO

Nov 6, 2013
In the Twitter IPO, the pivotal role is played by a human: the designated market maker, who will act as a conduit for all trading in Twitter shares.
The Twitter logo is seen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on the afternoon of November 6, 2013 in New York City. Twitter launches its IPO tomorrow. 
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Now that Twitter has to make money, can it keep innovating?

Nov 6, 2013
When a tech company like Twitter goes public, the pressure is on to make money and lots of ideas get tried out.

Twitter book reveals drunken, lonely creation story

Nov 5, 2013
A new book out details the sometimes-sordid history of how the social networking company got its start.