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Paul Volcker's battle against inflation pushed interest rates up to 20%

Dec 9, 2019
Getting a loan in the early 1980s was a lot more expensive than today. That was the point.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker testifies before the Joint Economic Committee May 14, 2008 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.
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Why the Fed decided to be transparent

Jul 30, 2019
The Federal Reserve used to be an economic black box. Now Chair Powell holds press conferences throughout the year. How'd it get to this point?
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell decided to hold press conferences after each Federal Open Market Committee meeting beginning in January.
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Dollar could slide in 2019

Jan 2, 2019
The U.S. dollar had a pretty hot year in 2018: The Wall Street Journal’s Dollar Index put it up 4.3 percent last year against a basket of 16 other currencies. But up in 2018 may mean down in 2019, as many currency analysts predicting a weakening for the dollar in year ahead. Click the audio […]
A close up shot shows a one US dollar bill placed on a table in Tehran on April 10, 2018. 

Trump's Fed chair nominee is a lot like Yellen. So why replace her?

Nov 2, 2017
The key difference? Jerome Powell was selected by Trump and Yellen wasn't.
President Donald Trump nominated Jerome Powell for Federal Reserve chair.

Weekly Wrap: Janet Yellen and Donald Trump's economic plans

Mar 17, 2017
Nela Richardson of Redfin and Cardiff Garcia of FT Alphaville join us for the Weekly Wrap to discuss the week’s business and economic news. This week is all about Janet Yellen and Donald Trump. While Yellen’s Federal Reserve increased interest rates, Trump released his budget proposal aimed at cutting funds for government agencies and increasing […]
Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman Janet Yellen announced this week the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates.
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Why some say Fed interest rate hikes are premature

Mar 16, 2017
But wages are starting to rise, Chair Janet Yellen says.
Rising wages are "a signal that we’re coming closer to our maximum employment objectives," Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said at a briefing yesterday.