Francis Miranda and Dennis Calvero, two of the owners of Pearl's Finest Tea, in Los Angeles. 
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A worker pushes a cart through shelves lined with goods at an Amazon warehouse in Germany.
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How social media hurts and helps the great outdoors

May 29, 2017
National Parks get a lot of love on social media, but some are being 'loved to death.'
Visitors take a selfie in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.
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The real story behind all those #Vanlife photos on the internet

May 2, 2017
Writer Rachel Monroe says it’s a phenomenon 'born out of the recent recession.'
“This lifestyle is appealing to people because it's cheap and because they don't have a lot of options for settling down and building a solid life,” said Rachel Monroe, who wrote about the #vanlife phenomenon for The New Yorker.

Mr. Fries Man reveals a world of home chef entrepreneurs

Nov 8, 2016
This was the first time I’d ever bought french fries from a guy in a parking lot. And I had a lot of questions.
Craig Batiste — Mr. Fries Man — is part of an underground community of African-American home chefs in and around South Los Angeles who use Instagram to sell home cooked meals directly to customers.
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Instagram's giving you a new filter. To block abuse

Sep 13, 2016
It's not for pics. It's a keyword tool to hide inappropriate comments.
Instagram will introduce a keyword moderation tool that lets users list words you consider offensive or inappropriate so that those will automatically be deleted or hidden from appearing in your comment feed. 
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Instagram's new logo prompts retro complaints

May 12, 2016
Social media users don't like it when things change.
The new logos for Instagram and its spin-off apps: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.
Courtesy: Instagram

Your new Instagram feed, curated by Instagram

Mar 16, 2016
The chronological method of ordering posts is being replaced by an algorithm
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