The country's power grid needs updating — not just in Houston

Jul 12, 2024
Poles, lines and other infrastructure around the country are aging, and subject to damage from today's more extreme weather.
Texas' grid is one of many outdated systems struggling to manage extreme weather.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

U.S. dams are in a sorry state

Jun 26, 2024
The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the nation’s dams a D grade on its latest infrastructure report card.
The U.S. has nearly 92,000 dams; the average age for a dam is 61 years.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Replacing lead water pipes is expensive. Not finishing the job may cost more.

May 7, 2024
The Biden administration has just released another $3 billion in subsidies. About 9 million lead pipes nationwide need replacing.
About 9 million lead pipes nationwide need replacing. Federal funding will cover the replacement of nearly 2 million, says Bruno Pigott with the EPA.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How much will the Baltimore bridge reconstruction cost?

Apr 2, 2024
Funding will likely come from a variety of sources, including the federal government and insurance agencies.
The Francis Scott Key Bridge, above, was a steel-truss bridge vulnerable to damage. It may be rebuilt as a cable-stayed, twin-span bridge, which is more resilient.
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Highways isolate urban communities nationwide. $3 billion from Washington aims to fix that.

Mar 15, 2024
The grants are an attempt to correct decisions made decades ago.
Communities of color generally have greater health impacts, such as higher asthma rates, as a result of these infrastructure decisions, says Christopher Coes of the Department of Transportation.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

How the infrastructure law will upgrade a neglected street in glitzy Las Vegas

Feb 8, 2024
"Marketplace’s" Kai Ryssdal visits a low-income district of the tourist mecca, where a federal grant will improve transportation and safety.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Biking in cities can be complicated, and map apps can only help so much

Jan 31, 2024
For cyclists, navigating town is a complex equation of infrastructure, hills, barriers and more. Apps like Google Maps are still figuring it out.
Navigating a city on a bike is more complicated than simply putting a destination in a map and following the suggested route.
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For public good, not for profit.

The New Deal history in LA's freeways

Jan 19, 2024
The backbone of Los Angeles' extensive highway system was built with the aid of FDR's historic public works program.
The first potion of the Arroyo Seco Parkway opened in 1940, connecting Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles.
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How one California startup hopes to make EV infrastructure more reliable

Dec 13, 2023
ChargerHelp is seeking to train a network of field technicians that can keep EV chargers online.
Evette Ellis and Kameale C. Terry, co-founders of ChargerHelp, one of many startups poised to benefit from federal investment in America’s charging network.
Stephen McGee/Michigan Central

Keeping avocados (and other imports) fresh depends on the growing cold chain

Nov 16, 2023
Imported avocados make up roughly 90% of U.S. supply — most are from Mexico. Many of these fruits pass through the Port of Laredo, which has seen recent growth in cold chain infrastructure.
A forklift moves boxes of produce at the Mission Produce distribution facility in Laredo, Texas.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace