Generative AI is increasingly being used to commit identity fraud

Jan 24, 2024
During the COVID pandemic, lots of identity verification moved online — making it easier for people to commit fraud with the help of generative AI.
Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to commit identity fraud.
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How identity theft and fraud upended one woman's life

Nov 9, 2022
"I said, what can I do to stop this? And the customer service rep. goes, 'Well, if we could stop all instances of fraud, we would but we can't,'" says Jessica Roy, assistant editor of Utility Journalism at The Los Angeles Times.
The FTC has instructions on what to do if you've stopped receiving government benefits because of identity theft. Above, blank Social Security checks are run through a printer at the U.S. Treasury facility in Philadelphia.
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4 things you should know about protecting your kid's credit

Oct 4, 2018
It's something parents need to think about more and more these days.
In this photo illustration, a man is seen using a mobile phone in the light of a projection of a thumbprint on August 09, 2017 in London, England.
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