This facilitator uses creativity and play to bring teams together

Dec 2, 2021
Jessica Shaw founded a company that brings play into workplaces to cultivate the human connection.
“We found that games and wordplay were a great way of supporting that sense of people reaching through the screen," said Jessica Shaw, founder of PACT Creative Training.
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Is going into the office necessary?

A Minnesota government employee says the absence of disruptions allows her to focus better, and work more efficiently, at home.
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How can company leaders best manage a return to the workplace?

Constance Dierickx, author of "High-Stakes Leadership," speaks about how managers can best help workers transition from a work from home environment to a back in-person and hybrid work situation.
As companies consider how best to return to ask employees to return to in-person or hybrid work environments, Constance Dierickx says the key to success includes "connection."
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Business districts face an uncertain future as return-to-office is delayed

Aug 17, 2021
State Street is closing its two Manhattan offices — a sign of what may be to come as we get closer to many companies' back-to-office target dates.
A year and a half into the pandemic, average office occupancy rates in the U.S. are around 30%, according to commercial real estate firm JLL. Above, an empty street and closed businesses in New York City's financial district in April 2020.
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One way to boost innovation? Invite everyone to the meeting.

Jun 30, 2021
Author Keith Ferrazzi says remote and hybrid work lets organizations expand who's involved in decision-making.
Author Keith Ferrazzi says remote and hybrid work lets organizations expand who's involved in decision-making.
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How office food staples are adapting to a hybrid workforce

Jun 25, 2021
Sweetgreen and Krispy Kreme are planning to go public, but that's not necessarily a sign everyone will be back in the office.
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Companies moving to hybrid workplaces will face new challenges

Apr 15, 2021
Big companies like Ford, Target and Microsoft plan to have some workers on-site, some remote. Those on-site may gain advantage, experts say.
Big companies moving toward a hybrid workplace model, like Microsoft, should ensure  that their in-person and off-site employees are treated equitably.
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More employers are expected to shift to hybrid workplaces

Dec 15, 2020
Google is among the companies allowing workers to divide their time between the office and home.
Google will test a flexible workweek when employees return to the office in September.
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