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MIDDAY UPDATE: Larry Page to lead Google, QR codes

by Katharine Crnko Jan 21, 2011
Google surprised Wall Street and Silicon Valley yesterday with the news that co-founder Larry Page will take over as the company's new CEO. Former...

Tablet boom, tablet consolidation at CES

by John Moe Jan 5, 2011
The big Consumer Electronics Show officially kicks off tomorrow (though unofficially it's more like today) and around 100 new tablet computers are...
News In Brief

MID-DAY UPDATE: T-day air travel and the economy

by Christina Huh Nov 24, 2010
Hey all you travelers: Today and tomorrow may be a massive headache! Steve Chiotakis talked to George Hobica of about how all...
News In Brief

MID-DAY UPDATE: Scandal at Hewlett-Packard...

by Bill Radke Aug 9, 2010
... Where does the company go from here? Microsoft's "

HP printers to have their own emails

by John Moe Jun 7, 2010
In an effort to revolutionize printing, and in the hopes that people will still want to print, HP is making new printers that people use to print...

Foxconn perspective

by Larissa Anderson May 31, 2010
We've been following the story of the Foxconn suicides closely.  Someone passed along this link to us about how the media is misrepresenting the...

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