How many more housing units do we really need to build?

Jul 2, 2021
Estimates of how many houses and apartments are needed to meet demand vary from just over 1 million to more than 5 million.
In additing to a shortage of supplies and labor, there's now a shortage of lots for home builders.
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U.S. housing market short 6.8 million homes, report says

Jun 16, 2021
Construction of homes, especially those that are affordably priced, has fallen in recent years, according to National Assn. of Realtors.
Slowed construction of affordable housing over the past two decades has contributed to a nationwide shortage of dwellings.
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Appliance shortages hold up home improvement and new construction

Mar 23, 2021
Homebuilders are passing the costs of delays on to consumers because demand for houses is so high.
Customers who order appliances such as refrigerators are waiting months for delivery.
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California voters to decide measure that could spur home sales

Nov 4, 2020
Proposition 19 would remove a disincentive to sell property. But a decline in moving is squeezing the housing supply all over the country.
Californians cast their votes inside the historic Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles.
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The housing shortage isn't just a coastal problem

Feb 27, 2020
New research from Freddie Mac shows Minnesota, Idaho and Montana don't have enough homes to meet demand.
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California seniors are opting to live together as a way to cut housing costs

Jun 20, 2019
At the root of the trend is a need for companionship and, in an expensive state, financial support.
An elderly man pushes his walker beneath an almost full moon during early evening in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County,

As tech workers stay in Pittsburgh, neighborhoods watch prices climb

Mar 29, 2017
'Black homes matter' for one person who's seen some residents move to cheaper areas.
After Google moved into this Pittsburgh office, luxury apartment building started going up, making the area unaffordable for some who had lived there for years.
Erika Beras

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