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Why isn't there an Amazon for real estate?

Nov 8, 2023
Despite the world going digital, homebuying is still a highly analog process. James Rodriquez of Insider discusses the quest for a superapp.
While the initial house hunt can be done online, arranging inspections, figuring out escrow and other tasks tend to be done in person, on the phone and on paper.
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Low housing inventory is a boon for homebuilders, a strain for would-be buyers

Feb 27, 2023
Many home owners with low interest rates are reluctant to move. That's pushing more buyers into new houses.
"Over 80% of current homeowners now have a mortgage rate under 4%," said Rafe Jadrosich, of Bank of America. This makes the prospect of having to finance at today’s rate of 6.5% on a 30-year-fixed not so enticing.
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More homes are sitting in Cleveland's real estate market, this broker says

Nov 10, 2022
"The average days on market has gone from less than a week up to about 89 days," says broker Amanda Pohlman of Keller Williams Living.
"The market just isn't as robust as it has been," said Cleveland-based broker Amanda Pohlman.
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Why are there still so few houses for sale?

May 31, 2022
Sellers who don't want to become buyers and the refinancing craze play roles in the lack of supply.
On a typical day in April 2019, about 1.2 million homes were for sale in the United States. Last month, it was a little over 400,000. 
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Closing costs: Is there a solution to the shortage of homes?

The rapid rise in home prices has provided a windfall for homeowners, but rising interest rates make home-buying increasingly out of reach for renters.
"We absolutely need to be looking under every stone for places that we can add housing ... to allow for greater density," said  Chris Herbert, managing director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.
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Searching for a rental as prices rise ... and rise

Sep 6, 2021
In Spokane, Washington’s hot rental market, finding an affordable home is “like a full time job” said Spokane Valley resident Kali Capps.
Because of Spokane, Washington's hot rental market, sales representative Kali Capps opted for an apartment out of her price range because “it was the absolute only option that we had,” she said.
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