The Fed walks a tightrope: Stimulate the economy without causing a housing bubble

Jun 28, 2021
The central bank's been keeping interest rates low in part by buying up mortgage-backed securities. That has Fed officials keeping a wary eye on the housing market for signs of overheating.
The Federal Reserve building is seen January 22, 2008 in Washington, DC.
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Are we in a housing bubble?

Jan 29, 2021
Prices are soaring, but economists expect market conditions to change.
Is the price surge a blip? Many economists say the market conditions behind it are temporary.
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Homeowners stay put, keeping inventory low

Oct 24, 2019
The average homeownership tenure has more than doubled, to about eight years.
People are staying in their homes longer than they used to. Above, a real estate agent gives a tour of a house.
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Another housing bubble could be ready to erupt

Jan 25, 2018
Millennials are now entering those prime house-buying years.
A view of San Francisco's famed Painted Ladies victorian houses. 
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Are stock payouts linked to high housing prices?

Sep 19, 2017
Glenn Kelman, CEO of the tech real estate site Redfin, believes reporting stock payouts properly could better distribute wealth.
An open house sign directs prospective buyers to property for sale in Monterey Park, California.

Just 34 percent of homes have regained pre-recession values. Is that a bad thing?

May 3, 2017
There’s some stark research out today from the real estate research firm Trulia that shows an uneven recovery in the housing market. According to Trulia, only 34 percent of homes nationally have returned to their pre-recession value. Now that is, of course, a comparison back to the crazy times of the housing bubble. So how […]

Housing is up and down, but mostly up

Jul 24, 2015
The wind-down of the housing crisis is opening the way for more first-time homebuyers.

For public good, not for profit.

Late springs warms up housing

May 25, 2015
After a dismal kickoff to 2015, the housing economy is picking up.

Foreclosure crisis just about finished

Jan 15, 2015
A new report says foreclosure filings fell to to approximately the level of 2006.

The murky origin of the 20 percent down payment

Oct 22, 2014
How homeowners historically reached the average number.