Hotels urged to help fight sex trafficking

Apr 25, 2012
The Justice Department wants to crack down on human trafficking. One anti-sex trafficking group says hotels are a good place to start.

Robots lose out in hospitality

Mar 30, 2012
If there's one industry where robots have tried and failed so far, it's hospitality -- seems humans prefer humans for hotel customer service.

Saving hotel soaps to end waste

Jan 10, 2012
Thanks to the organization Global Soap Project, recycled hotel soap is the latest frontier in corporate efforts to go green.

Vegas without the gambling

Dec 19, 2011
Caesar's Palace's new Octavius tower will be a boutique casino less focused on the gambling experience. The non-gambling approach is a new trend for Sin City.

Hotel fees to become more aggressive

May 4, 2010
With air travelers numb to what were previously felt to be excessive costs for once free services, it was just a matter of time before hotels...