For young voters, housing is a top issue in this election

Jun 14, 2024
High home prices and high mortgage rates can make homeownership feel impossible for Gen Zers. But what can the president do about it? 
Many Gen Zers worry about the challenges of becoming a homeowner, especially affordability. But state and local officials might have more sway over the housing market than the president.
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A tax break to encourage homeownership primarily helps the wealthy

Jun 3, 2024
Economists argue the home mortgage interest deduction doesn't really work and costs the federal government tens of billions of dollars a year.
To be eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction, a buyer would have to be among the 11% of taxpayers who itemize their returns. Above, a home for sale in Damascus, Maryland.
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Some upbeat economic news for millennials

New research casts doubt on the widespread belief that the generation of Americans will be worse off than their parents.
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More renters expect they'll never buy a home

Jan 31, 2024
They plan to rent forever because they can't afford to buy or they like the renting lifestyle.
In 2023, it was more expensive to buy than it was to rent in 46 of the top 50 U.S. metro areas, according to Redfin data.
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This Florida woman used move-in deals to help save up for a house

Mar 1, 2023
Errica Jamil moved seven times in about as many years, earning her free or reduced rent. Now she owns a home of her own.
Chasing move-in specials every year eventually helped Errica Jamil buy a home of her own.
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Can millennials afford a house without family help?

Jan 6, 2023
Home prices are high and incomes aren't keeping up. Some first-time buyers receive loans or gifts from a family member or friend to help with their down payment.
A view of the San Francisco skyline from Alamo Square Park.
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Mortgage rates fall as investors take shelter in bonds

Mar 9, 2022
But analysts say the dip is likely to be temporary.
After easing last week, mortgage rates may not stay down for long with the Federal Reserve set to raise interest rates this month.
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For public good, not for profit.

Could rental history for loan applicants help boost home ownership?

Sep 15, 2021
Fannie Mae says including loan applicant's rental payment history could help correct past housing inequities.
A house for sale in South Pasadena, California, in April.
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Lots of homeowners are dropping flood insurance, study shows

Aug 4, 2021
It's bad news for federal officials who are trying to convince more homeowners that they need flood protection.
A Houston home sits in floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Many in Houston did not have flood insurance.
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To narrow racial wealth gap, Biden plan takes aim at home appraisal inequality

Jun 1, 2021
Homes in most white neighborhoods are worth an average of $250,000 more than those in mostly Black and Latinx neighborhoods.
President Joe Biden laid out policy proposals aimed at narrowing the racial wealth gap during a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Above, Biden speaks with Michelle Brown-Burdex of the Greenwood Cultural Center.
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