How to use social media as a last-minute travel agent

Nov 28, 2014
A well-timed tweet can help you snag the last seat on the next flight out.

With low gas prices, Thanksgiving travel hits the road

Nov 20, 2014
AAA releases its holiday travel forecast on Thursday. The big takeaway: lots more people will be hitting the road this Thanksgiving, due in no small part to plummeting gas prices. Drivers aren't alone with their lower fuel expenses—The airline industry saved $1.6 billion in fuel costs this past year; meanwhile, airfares have gone up. During the holiday season, the vast majority of people will travel by car. "Usually accounting for about 85 to 90 percent of all travelers," says AAA spokesperson Heather Hunter. For people taking incredibly long trips, or very short trips, the choice to fly or drive is clear. "But it is the medium length trips, say between 200 and 1,000 miles, where it gets more complicated," says Jon Lal is the CEO of and the creator of <a href="">Fly or Drive calculator</a>, which takes into account lots of factors. For example: Will you need a rental car if you fly? Are you checking bags? What are current gas prices and how much wear and tear will the trip put on your car? Dan Sniadoski lives in Seattle. He’s been invited to Thanksgiving dinners at his mom’s place in Montana and at a friend’s house in Portland. "And I still haven't made up my mind if I’m going to travel, and if I do, where am I going to go," he says. Flying is out of the question; he can’t afford last minute airfare. So at this point, his decision comes down to whether to spend the holidays with friends or family.
People descend into Pennsylvania Station to board trains on the busiest travel day of the year November 27, 2013 in New York City.
John Moore/Getty Images

Travel company bets on learning over leisure

Jun 17, 2014
You’ve heard of eco-tourism, but what about political tourism?

Taxes make your airline ticket about 20 percent more expensive

Dec 19, 2013
Airport officials are urging Congress to raise the cap on passenger fees from $4.50 to $8.50.

Bad weather, cancelled flights: You're not getting home for Thanksgiving that easily

Nov 27, 2013
The best laid travel plans can fall through when the system comes under the kind of pressure common at Thanksgiving.

Two words that cancel airline flights: Wintry Mix

Nov 26, 2013
Airlines try to react sooner when big storms barrel down at peak travel periods like Thanksgiving.

3 tips to survive this year's crazy holiday travel

Nov 14, 2013
Jason Clampett, cofounder of travel news website Skift, joins the show to talk holiday travel planning.

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