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Amazon desperately seeks seasonal workers while other retailers hold back

Sep 20, 2023
That could mean that holiday hiring will be slower this season, says Andy Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
Retailers are still figuring out how to staff warehouses and stores as consumers switch between shopping in person and online and using curbside pickup, says analyst Jessica Ramírez.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

What recession fears? Consumers shopped up a storm in January

Feb 15, 2023
We spent despite being whipsawed by economic news. Raises and slowing inflation helped.
Because of a surplus of inventory, consumers can continue to expect markdowns from retailers.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

For this toy store, it's a race to restock the shelves

Jan 18, 2023
The owner of a North Carolina toy shop talks about the state of her business after the holiday retail season.
"Our inventory right now is being replenished from the busy selling season," said Irene Kesselman. "It will take me probably two to four months to fill the store again."
Vincenzo Pinto/AFP via Getty Images

In Butte, Montana, holiday shoppers "spent a lot, smiled a lot"

Jan 11, 2023
Mall manager Alana Ferko is coming off a strong holiday shopping season coupled with new business from a Hollywood production.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Over the holidays, retailers faced inventory woes and harsh winter weather

Jan 5, 2023
Three retailers from across the country share how they did over the holiday shopping season.
"We definitely saw more late shoppers this year than in previous years, especially the week before Christmas," said Eric Champlin, co-owner of Trailful Outdoor Company in Hiawassee, Georgia.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

The economics of holiday markets, explained  

Dec 22, 2022
Here's how holiday markets help small businesses and artisans earn up to 50% their annual sales in the last six weeks of the year.
The Downtown Holiday Market in Washington, D.C. hosts 80 artisans and small business vendors and attracts thousands of visitors in November and December.
Courtesy Downtown Holiday Market

A Seattle 'candle bar' sees its first holiday shopping season

Dec 8, 2022
Originally started in her kitchen during the pandemic, candlemaker Colina Bruce talks about moving her business into a brick-and-mortar store and how things are shaping up through the holidays.
"Noir Lux started as kind of a pandemic passion project in my kitchen," said owner Colina Bruce. "That led into launching a whole ecommerce site, virtual candle- making classes, and that got my wheels turning about what it might look like for me to have my own space."
Cr. @kingnoir31

For public good, not for profit.

Why this holiday shopping season could be more “normal”

Nov 23, 2022
Analysts say consumers will behave more like they did before the pandemic. But “normal” shopping patterns might not translate to a booming season.
People walk at a shopping mall in Santa Anita, California.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

How's the holiday shopping season starting to shape up?

Nov 21, 2022
Despite retail promotions and a longer shopping season, inflation may make consumers pay more but get fewer gifts. Fa la la la la.
Retail inventories are up this year, as well as prices.
Scott Heins/Getty Images

What Target's poor third-quarter results say about the retail sector

Nov 16, 2022
The company missed profit expectations, and its leadership is warning of a soft holiday season.
“In some ways, Target is a microcosm for what's happening in retail,” says Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData, a retail research firm.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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