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Why a former Chanel CEO purged her closet

Apr 17, 2017
Maureen Chiquet ran the French luxury retailer for nine years. Now she's waiting for inspiration to reinvent herself.
“The symbolism of actually going through and purging and cleaning my closet was really about reclaiming who I was originally,” said Maureen Chiquet, former Chanel CEO.

Women are spending months researching their next purse

Jun 20, 2016
Four in 10 women started thinking about their most recent handbag purchase more than a month in advance.
Art critic Blake Gopnik explains why he thinks the jury came to the wrong conclusion.

Luxury brands target children for back-to-school

Aug 21, 2012
Even as the economy continues to show signs of weakness, luxury retailers have still been doing well. One strategy? Bidding for customer loyalty from the moment kids step onto the playground.

LVMH sales bump up 25 percent

Apr 18, 2012
The luxury brand responsible for Louis Vuitton and Dom Perignon saw its sales grow 25 percent in the first quarter of the year. But it turns out, it isn't all because of those upscale products.

The state of high-end retail

Dec 16, 2011
The CEO of high-end denim company Joe's Jeans talks about how business is doing, here and overseas.