Is pet insurance worth the high premiums?

Jun 11, 2024
Pet insurance is expensive and might not cover as much as owners think it will, especially for older pets or those with preexisting conditions.
Older pets tend to have higher insurance premiums, says Emily Stewart at Business Insider.
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Biden adminstration rule will give DACA recipients access to federal health insurance for the first time

May 6, 2024
It’s part of the administration’s stated intention to improve health care coverage for immigrant groups overall.
The rule was first announced a year ago and will give DACA recipients access to Obamacare exchanges.
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Has legislation to stop surprise medical bills worked?

Yes and no. Patients have avoided millions of surprise bills, but a plan to cut wider health care spending has seen mixed results.
"Ultimately, this law is protecting more people from the kinds of medical debt that you're covering on the show, but that protection may come at a price: higher insurance premiums for millions," said Dan Gorenstein, executive editor at Tradeoffs.
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Health and Wealth: Why Americans are drowning in medical debt

Almost a third of all working adults in the United States are carrying some kind of medical debt — that’s about 15% of all U.S. households.
Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States and affects almost a third of working Americans.
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Why Affordable Care Act coverage has record enrollment

Jan 15, 2024
Plans are cheaper because of pandemic-era subsidies, and millions who lost Medicaid coverage have found their way to ACA marketplaces.
Affordable Care Act plans have become less expensive in the last few years, thanks to pandemic-era subsidies. Above, a person fills out an insurance application at an ACA enrollment fair.
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All kinds of products and services are eyeing the money you have left in your FSA

Dec 26, 2023
Instead of losing it at the end of the year, with a letter of medical necessity — which a new service will help you get — you can spend it on nonalcoholic beverages, gym memberships, even meal kit delivery.
Companies like TrueMed are working to expand what health products are FSA-eligible, including herbal supplements and other non-pharmaceutical medicine.
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Hundreds of thousands of younger veterans go uninsured, new report finds

Nov 10, 2023
The Urban Institute has released a new report saying that roughly 400,000 veterans under 65 go without coverage. But expanded Medicaid could help.
"A little under 5% of veterans below age 65 remain without coverage,” said Jessica Banthin at the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center.
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For public good, not for profit.

Higher subsidies drive record ACA enrollment

Nov 9, 2023
The government has extended pandemic-era subsidies for the Affordable Care Act marketplace until 2025 — and even higher-income families are eligible.
Just about everyone looking for an ACA plan is eligible for a higher subsidy than before, said Vivian Ho at Rice University.
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How smaller companies are dealing with rising insurance costs for their workers

Oct 18, 2023
Annual family premiums for employer coverage went up an average of 7% this year, according to a survey out today from KFF.
Family premiums went up an average of 7% this year, to around $24,000, according to a survey from KFF.
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These startup health insurers tried to disrupt the market. Now, their customers are scrambling

Sep 15, 2023
Bright HealthCare and Friday Health Plans were part of a new class of health insurance startups, but both have imploded in recent months.
Lauren Gibbs penciled out math equations to manage the complex transition from her now-defunct Friday Health Plans insurance plan to a new insurer.
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