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Hundreds of thousands of younger veterans go uninsured, new report finds

Nov 10, 2023
The Urban Institute has released a new report saying that roughly 400,000 veterans under 65 go without coverage. But expanded Medicaid could help.
"A little under 5% of veterans below age 65 remain without coverage,” said Jessica Banthin at the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center.
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Higher subsidies drive record ACA enrollment

Nov 9, 2023
The government has extended pandemic-era subsidies for the Affordable Care Act marketplace until 2025 — and even higher-income families are eligible.
Just about everyone looking for an ACA plan is eligible for a higher subsidy than before, said Vivian Ho at Rice University.
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How smaller companies are dealing with rising insurance costs for their workers

Oct 18, 2023
Annual family premiums for employer coverage went up an average of 7% this year, according to a survey out today from KFF.
Family premiums went up an average of 7% this year, to around $24,000, according to a survey from KFF.
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These startup health insurers tried to disrupt the market. Now, their customers are scrambling

Sep 15, 2023
Bright HealthCare and Friday Health Plans were part of a new class of health insurance startups, but both have imploded in recent months.
Lauren Gibbs penciled out math equations to manage the complex transition from her now-defunct Friday Health Plans insurance plan to a new insurer.
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As Americans catch up on care they skipped during COVID, health insurance could get pricier

Jun 15, 2023
Patient numbers have bounced back to prepandemic levels.
Procedures like hip and knee surgeries have bounced back.
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Millions may soon lose Medicaid coverage

May 24, 2023
During the COVID public health emergency, states couldn’t kick anyone off Medicaid. Now, that continuous enrollment is coming to an end.
As of March 2023, nearly 95 million people had coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provide free or low-cost health insurance to low-income people. 
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How employer-sponsored health insurance can widen economic inequality

Marketplace's senior economics contributor breaks down the impact of employer-sponsored health insurance on college educated and non-college educated workers.
A recent study looks at the role of employer-sponsored health insurance in exacerbating inequality in the job market.
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For public good, not for profit.

Moderna will charge around $130 for its COVID vaccine — and Congress isn't too happy

Mar 22, 2023
But the pharma company promised that individuals won't pay the full amount.
Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel listens to Sen. Bernie Sanders during a committee hearing on the price of COVID vaccines.
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Gig workers are signing up for ACA health benefits, though many still go uncovered

Nov 21, 2022
Gig workers are a major reason this year's open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act individual marketplace is likely to be big.
Sharon Barker, an Affordable Care Act navigator, discusses open enrollment in Nashville, Tennessee. She said more of her clients are working in the gig economy and using the individual marketplace to support a more flexible career.
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Inflation hits health insurance premiums this open enrollment season

Nov 9, 2022
But ACA coverage is more affordable to many, thanks to extended government subsidies.
"It's a daunting process to have to go on to the marketplace," said Cynthia Cox at the Kaiser Family Foundation. But if you have ACA coverage, it may be worth your while.
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