As ACA deadline approaches, fines loom

Jan 28, 2016
But will they motivate people to buy health insurance?
A person walks into the UniVista Insurance company office where people are signing up for health care plans under the Affordable Care Act.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

White House orders 'tech surge' for dysfunctional

Oct 22, 2013
President Obama says the nation's top techies will work to fix the Obamacare website quickly, but do they have enough time?

Giving the health care exchanges a check-up

Oct 11, 2013
Two weeks in, what's the status of the state and federal insurance exchanges?

Insurers look for workarounds to the Affordable Care Act

Oct 8, 2013
The health care exchanges are still a technical mess, and some insurers are beefing up their own sites to help people get started.

Affordable Care Act: a step-by-step guide to the online insurance marketplaces

Oct 1, 2013
Looking for the healthcare marketplace in California, New York or your state? Use our look-up tools to find health insurance resources and financial advice
The application form to apply for Obama's Health Care plan went from 21 pages to 3.