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Business is still unpredictable for this Hawaii boat tour owner

Aug 4, 2023
The pandemic almost sunk Manu Powers' company. Though it's mounted a recovery, the summer rush still isn't what it used to be.
Manu Powers and husband Liam outside the office of Sea Quest Hawaii.
Courtesy Manu Powers

Hawaiian boat tour owner is "carefully rebuilding" after tsunami damage

Jan 26, 2022
Sea Quest Hawaii's business was already down 30% from omicron when the tsunami caused $100,000 in damage to its office.
Sea Quest Hawaii's Kona office was the only building in the area to sustain substantial damage, owner Manu Powers says.
Sea Quest Hawaii

After 18 months, hotel housekeeper still doesn't have her job back

Sep 21, 2021
Changes in the hotel industry are affecting Hawaii housekeeper Mary Taboniar, a single mom.
"I hope that the hotel will bring us back to work," says Mary Taboniar. "I'm hoping for a normal life again."
Courtesy Mary Taboniar

What could the delta variant mean for Hawaii's tourism industry?

Aug 18, 2021
Even after a record-breaking sales this summer, Manu Powers, co-owner of Sea Quest Hawaii, is concerned about the future of her business.
A tourist goes through COVID-19 safety protocols at Los Angeles International Airport before flying to Hawaii.
Patrick T. Fallon via Getty Images

More vacation rentals in Hawaii mean needed revenue and upset neighbors

Aug 11, 2021
Some locals are upset with tourists causing disruptions in normally quiet neighborhoods.
Patrick Baz/AFP via Getty Images

Tourism comes roaring back in Hawaii

Jun 22, 2021
The hospitality industry and the local businesses who rely on it are grateful but are struggling to keep up.
In Hawaii, around 30,000 visitors have been landing every day, which is approaching regular travel season numbers.
Marco Garcia/Getty Images

Raising prices helped this greens farmer stay afloat

May 11, 2021
Scott Snair raised his prices before the pandemic shut down travel. When things got tough, that decision helped him stay in business.
Scott Snair purchased his Hawaii produce business in late 2019, shortly before travel dropped off and his restaurant clients stopped buying.
Courtesy Scott Snair

For public good, not for profit.

Hawaii group lures remote workers amid pandemic downturn

Mar 22, 2021
Workers freed of geographic constraints may want to relocate, and Hawaii wants to capitalize on their mobility and skills.
Hawaii's tourism industry has been ravaged by the pandemic, but the crisis may end up bringing workers from a wide range of industries into the state.
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With business down 95%, Hawaiian entrepreneur hopes her company and town survive

Jan 19, 2021
The pandemic has largely halted tourism, and Manu Powers has had to lay off most of her staff.
Marco Bertorello/Getty Images

Not the usual crowd for the holidays in Hawaii

Dec 24, 2020
A look at how one Hawaiian bed-and-breakfast is faring during the pandemic.
Thomas and Janice Fairbanks, innkeepers at The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono.
Credit: Unique Angles