Farm families in the west under pressure to sell their water

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 1, 2016
Farm water rights increasingly going to sustain condos and suburban lawns.
Auctioneer Spanky Assiter calls bids for land and water rights at a real estate auction in Loveland, Colorado. 
Luke Runyon/KUNC and Harvest Public Media
Weekly Wrap

Fun Fact Friday: The thirst is real in California

by Gina Martinez Apr 3, 2015
In which we unpacked the week with Cardiff Garcia and Linette Lopez.

California drought prompts 25 percent mandatory cutbacks

by Sarah Gardner and Gina Delvac Apr 2, 2015
Local water districts will restrict residential use, not agriculture.
Final Note

Water you doing, Jerry Brown?

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 1, 2015
On Wednesday, Governor Jerry Brown ordered a mandatory 25 percent reduction in water use statewide. He made the announcement standing at a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains where there was nary a flake of snow to be seen, a…

Oil wells produce even more water than oil

by Leigh Paterson Mar 3, 2015
Huge amounts of wastewater must be disposed of, much of it in deep wells.
Weekly Wrap

Fun Fact Friday: It's a soupy mess

by Gina Martinez Feb 27, 2015
We discuss the week that was and highlight a few fun facts from the week in news.
Water: The high price of cheap

Brazil is facing its worst drought in a century

by Kai Ryssdal Feb 12, 2015
Schoolkids are told not to brush their teeth, and rationing may be on the horizon.

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California's wells are going dry now, too

by Lauren Sommer Aug 21, 2014
The long drought has led to a strain on groundwater - much like having too many straws in the same glass.

Fixing an aging infrastructure can cost billions

by Conrad Wilson Aug 12, 2014
Crises like the water-main break at UCLA expose faults in city infrastructure.

Building water systems for the next century

by Lizzie O'Leary Feb 6, 2014
What the world is doing to keep the tap flowing.

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