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GDP third quarter revisions coming

Dec 22, 2011
Economists expect third quarter GDP grew at around 2 percent. But if all goes well, it'll be even higher in the fourth quarter.

PODCAST: GDP revised, bear-ing the Mexican border

Dec 22, 2011
In the U.S., Gross Domestic Product revisions are out today, and the hope is that the number will keep improving as long as problems in Europe, and Washington, don't stunt that growth. In one North Carolina town, local business play nice to help each other out during recession. The Lone Star State loses as many as half a billion trees in 2011, and that's not including the wildfires. And in this week's Attitude Check, we look at how Americans are really feeling about the potential payroll tax cut extension.
Bears are having problems crossing the border into Mexico.
John Moore/Getty Images

Third quarter GDP revised down

Nov 22, 2011
The Commerce Department says the economy grew 2 percent, revised down from 2.5. But economists say chances are after one step back, we'll take two forward.

Some bright spots in the revised GDP numbers

Nov 22, 2011
The revised third quarter GDP figures show 2 percent growth, down from the previously estimated 2.5 percent gain. Few economists were expecting that much of a revision and it sure looks like a disappointment -- until you start picking through the numbers.

Tsunami-Sized Shock to Japan's Gross Domestic Product

Mar 22, 2011
Just days after the triple calamity in Japan -- from earthquake to tsunami to radiation -- I found myself at an awkward turn in a conversation. I...