Grocery retailer Albertsons to buy drugstore chain Rite Aid

Feb 20, 2018
Albertsons is plunging deeper into the pharmacy business.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The unexpected challenges of living in a food desert

Jan 5, 2018
A Food Empowerment Project study found that a lot of people are time poor as well as cash poor.
Vallejo, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What happens when a town loses its only grocery store?

Dec 6, 2017
You may think of food deserts as an urban phenomenon. But they exist in rural towns too.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

German grocers Aldi and Lidl are bringing more discount food to the U.S. market

Jun 12, 2017
Two German grocery giants are casting a big shadow in the U.S. Aldi, which has operated here since the late 1970s, says it wants to add about 800 stores to the 1,700 it operates today. Meanwhile, Lidl, another German chain,…

With sales falling, Whole Foods replaces nearly half its board members

May 11, 2017
Former executives from companies such as Panera will join the grocery chain.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How Charles Shaw wine became Two Buck Chuck

Apr 18, 2017
It wasn't always cheap, and it wasn't always sold by Trader Joe's.
Wikimedia Commons

The war behind grocery store shelves

Dec 12, 2016
Manufacturers pay steep fees to get their products on grocery store shelves, which can eliminate smaller companies from entering the market.
A worker places various household items on the shelf at a supermarket in Beijing 12 September 2005. China's consumer inflation rate slowed in August, with prices rising just 1.3 percent from a year earlier compared with an increase of 1.8 percent in July, while in August last year, inflation was running at 5.3 percent year-on-year, sparking fears the economy was beginning to get out of hand.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

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German grocer Aldi expands all the way to California

Mar 25, 2016
Germany's largest grocer brings its discount model to California.

Grocery chain Kroger banks on innovation

Mar 3, 2016
Kroger's earnings are expected to be a bright spot in the retail space.
An image from Main & Vine's Facebook page announces the opening of the store. It's an attempt by Kroger to move into the organic foods market.
Photo courtesy of Kroger

Whole Foods looks to tech to help with the bottom line

Jan 4, 2016
The challenge: finding a balance between efficiency and the human touch

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