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New summer vacation grocery assistance will help feed millions of children

Jan 12, 2024
The USDA's new Summer EBT program fills gaps left by its existing Summer Food Service Program, where families only get free meals at a specific site.
Summer EBT gives families flexibility to buy their preferred foods,
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Grocery prices rose 1.3% in the past year. How are shoppers feeling it?

Jan 11, 2024
Here's how some families are trying to economize when it comes to the food they buy to make at home.
With grocery prices up, families are finding ways to economize on the food they buy at the store.
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If inflation slowed down in 2023, why is my grocery bill so high?

Jan 10, 2024
2023 was officially a very good year for the US economy: unemployment stayed near record lows, the markets were strong, and inflation came under control. So with all this good news, why does looking at the grocery bill still feel a little like getting poked with a cattle prod? 
Ranchers watch as cow prices are bid up at a cattle auction in Caldwell, Idaho.
Stacey Vanek Smith

How the economy's really doing, according to Thanksgiving shoppers

Nov 22, 2023
Houston-area shoppers cut back and shopped discount brands, citing inflated prices.
Thanksgiving foods are a bit cheaper than they were last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual report.
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Why are Americans' views on the economy so mixed?

Oct 30, 2023
In one poll, 44% of respondents say they’re stressed about the economy. Meanwhile, 34% say they’re optimistic.
Change is hard. And it’s not fun, even if your raise does cover how much extra you’re spending at the grocery store. 
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When will prices go back down?

Oct 6, 2023
The answer might disappoint you.
Inflation is slowing, but when will prices go back down? Above: Shoppers walk through a grocery store in Washington, DC.
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For public good, not for profit.

Eggs are cheaper, but not housing? Inside the latest consumer price index

The March report shows inflation slowing overall and prices easing in some key areas (food) and not in others (services and shelter.)
Egg prices dropped 10% and fruits and vegetables fell 1.3% from February, according to the CPI. But overall food and beverage prices were up more than 8% from last year.
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If gas prices are falling, why aren't things cheaper?

Sep 14, 2022
Gas influences how a lot of things cost – but there are other factors behind rising prices.
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